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Why Buy CNC 6040 from ChinaCNCzone?

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Now the market has many type of CNC 6040 series product, but why buy CNC 6040 mini CNC router from ChinaCNCzone? 
CNC 6040
Today let us share with you the outstanding advantages that other similar supplier can not exceed. 
First, the warranty and technical support is always important, and ChinaCNCzone has strong technical support team for you and what is more, we are always reliable for our users' need.(Now too many clients who bought the mini CNC from other supplier at low price but can not get efficient support when needed and turned to our team, but because ours are different with others, so we can not provide the help.) 

Second, our CNC Router 6040 not only has different types for your selection according to your actual need, but also has the outstanding configuration compared with similar ones in the market, please kindly refer to below details: 

6040 CNCChinaCNCzone1: usb cnc controller boxOther seller's machine Parallel portChinaCNCzone2- Mach3 usb controler boxOther seller's machine mach3 usb
Spindle Power1500W/2200W800W/1500W1500W/2200W1500W/2200w
InterfaceUSB,Parallel portParallel portUSBusb
SoftwareUSB CNC(USB Port) ,Parallel port [Mach3]Mach3MACH3 Mach3
Command codeGERBER/DXF/G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt [USB cnc sofrware]G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txtG code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txtG code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt
G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt [Mach 3 software]

Computer systermwindows 10/8/7/xp  [usb cnc]windows xpwindows 10/8/7/xpwindows xp/7
windows xp [mach3]

4th axis machine upgradebuild in 4th axis driver card,plug in and useneed open controoler box, and install driver cardbuild in 4th axis driver card,plug in and useneed open controoler box, and install driver card
4th sizeBigger [Check picture]   center height :80mmSmall  [Check picture] center height :60mmBigger [Check picture]   center height :80mmSmall  [Check picture] center height :60mm
Working Area580(X)mm*400(Y)mm*105(Z)mm580(X)mm*400(Y)mm*65(Z)mm580(X)mm*400(Y)mm*105(Z)mm580(X)mm*400(Y)mm*65(Z)mm
acceptable material thickness150MM100MM150MM100MM
Limithed switchYesNoYESNo
auto tool-settingYesNoYESNo
Mach3 usb motion cardN/AN/AGOOD [Check picture]Normal[Check picture]

ChinaCNCzone, to be your best CNC 6040 mini CNC router, hobby CNC router and desktop CNC router supplier.