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6040 CNC Router 4 Axis From Mini CNC Manufacturer (800W Spindle)

Buy 6040 CNC, 6040 CNC Router, CNC Router 4 Axis(800W spingle) from ChinaCNCzone. We can not just supply high quality 6040 CNC, 6040 CNC Router, CNC Router 4 Axis, but more can save your time, your money, your trouble and provide solutions.

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Outstanding features for this 6040 CNC Router 4 Axis
1. 800W water cooled spindle.

2. USB interface can be connected with computer and notebook easily.

3. With 4 axis, can engrave cylinder object.

4. Ball screw high precision.

5. With limit switch, can protect mahine efficiently.

6. With auto-checking function.

7. Mach 3 software, easy operate.

8. Spindle diameter 65mm.

9. Frequency transformer is built in.

10.Built-in filter and the filtering ring, ensure good anti-jamming performance and higher accuracy.

11.  With steady and strong support structure.

10. Spindle motor knob can realize small positioning adjustment.

11. Cover plates reducing pollution for the screws and shafts.

12. Thick machine body makes transportation safe and prolong use life.

14. Flexible coupling can be used for high torque transmission.

15. Large 4D engraving in soft wood, MDF board, native wood, PVC, Acrylic, aluminum, brass and so on.

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Technical detailes for this this 6040 CNC Router 4 Axis (800W Spindle)

Effective working travel580(X)mm*400(Y)mm*75(Z)mm
Shape dimension880*670*530mm
Max.workpiece dimension580mm*400mm<90mm
Work table dimension750mm*480mm
Frame materialsaluminum alloy 6063 and 6061 the unique and dedicated mold extrusion profiles. let  counterfeiters dwarfs
acceptable material thickness≤100mm
Driving unitsX/Y/Z axis1605 ballscrew
Sliding unitsX axisDia.16mm chrome plate shafts
Y axisDia.20mm chrome plate shafts
Z axisDia.13mm chrome plate shafts
Stepping motor type 57 two-phase 3A 150NNaN
Spindle motorBrand new 800W water cooling spindle, 24000RPM
Principal axis colletER11/3.175 mm/6mm
Repeat accuracy0.05mm
Spindle precisionradial beat acuities 0.03 mm
Carving InstructionsG code/TAB files/nc file/NCC files
Communication interfacethrough parallel connection with computer
Software environmentWindows xp
Maximum speed0-4000mm/min
Carving speed0-2500mm/min (different materials differ)
Control unitToroidal transformer + PWM power supply module + TB6560 3axis drive board
Computer connectionon board palrallel port
Command codeG code
Acceptable softwareMach3
ProtectionEmergency stop button
Operating VoltageAC110V/AC220V
The 4th axis of Mini CNC 6040 1500W technical detail
Size136*116*92 mm
Clamping diameter50mm Fingertight fitting
Reduction tatio1:03
Error Range0.1

This 6040 CNC Router 4 Axis (800W spindle) can be widely used in diffirent area:
Industry,Technology Research,Advertising Design,Arts Creation,Teaching,Student Project and Hobby Purposes, Building Model Making, PCB, Adverstising Signs,Artwork,Crafts,Aircraft Models,RC Model parts,etc
and can router diffirent materials:
Aluminum,  brass,  wood,  PVC, acrylic, plastic, ect...

Notes: 3.175mm/ 6mm spiral flute router bits suggested.

Packing list for this 6040 CNC Router 4 Axis (800W spindle)

1pc 6040 cnc router main machine

1pc 800W spindle

1pc parallel cable

1pc power cable

6pcs engraving bit

1set of clamp tool

1 pc USB cable
PS: Provide machine manual and mach3 software for free

Packing2 carton boxes (55KG)

Packing size:  60*52*43cm(top) and 80*22*63cm(bot)