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For CNC Machine Training Courses? Select Mini CNC Router made by ChinaCNCzone

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Now more and more CNC routers are needed for universities and Educational training centers, if you are just the engineer in a University or in an educational center teaching CNC courses, what kinds of CNC routers are suitable for you? An industrial lever of CNC routers can fulfill many big or small engraving tasks? But just imagine the big size which may take 30% of the room in your laboratory, and when move, you need to find 4 person at least to help, and what is more, think about the prices, it is about 5-10 times as much as a mini CNC router!

So no matter how much you like the functions of an industrial CNC router, if you are in a university and educational training CNC courses, mini CNC type is always your first selection, they can save your room, save your time and save your money! Small investment, big profit!

A mini CNC router can be also called as hobby CNC router and desktop CNC router, they are exactly ideal for university and educational training project!

Since year of 2009, ChinaCNCzone already has focal on to provide the most suitable mini CNC machines for these above two fields. And as far as now, ChinaCNCzone already had a lot of successful cases with them, such USA (Illinois State University), Canada(Brondon university), Australia(CNC Training Center), Saudi Arabia (King Saud University) Indonesia(CNC traiuning ) and so on. And thanks to their support and suggestions, we never stop make improvement.

Our mini CNC machine used in CNC training center as blow:

CNC Training Center
CNC Machine Training center
CNC Machine for Training
CNC Router Training Center
If you are looking for  professional CNC courses, please kindly contact with us, we will not provide the most suitable mini CNC machines and also recomend the most reliable training centers for you.
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For University courses, if you are not sure which one mini CNC machine for your teaching, please kindly contact us, the most suitable one will be recomended to you.
CNC Training School
with CNC training school 2

with CNC training school