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Basic Knowledge for CNC Router

What are the Difference between a CNC router Machine and a CNC milling Machine?

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Both router and mill work on same principle and are almost similar in functionality and operation. However, while browsing, I came across some differences between the two. A CNC milling machine has slower spindle speed as compared to CNC router machine. Due to this, CNC milling machine l is capable of handling harder workpieces than CNC router machine. 

CNC router machine has an advantage when making sharp edges. Also, high spindle speed in CNC router is obtained generally by higher gear ratio, because of this, the resolution of router decreases. A CNC router machine is also characterized by larger working space than a CNC milling machine. 

CNC router machine is best suitable for cutting soft materials and CNC milling machine used to mill hard material. CNC milling machine is also used to mill machine parts. 

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