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Basic Knowledge for CNC Router

What are the G-code Design Software for Mini CNC Router?

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In previous article, we talked about the CNC control software mach3 and USBCNC,today, we will share the information about G-code design software.

As we know, for a new CNC machine user, to learn a CNC control software is a very easy thing, but for G code design, it is a little difficult. Because the drawing of 2D , 3D can not directly control the working of the mini CNC router before you transfer the drawings to G code (also called tool path) through professional CAM software.

Actually,the G-code design for 3 Axis CNC is simple just like learning mach3 using, and for 4 Axis CNC, if you will take a little longer time to learn, you can master it well. But for 5 axis CNC router, the G code design becomes more complicated, and generally speaking, only professional engineer know how to design 5Axis G code.That’s why many users can use 3 axis and 4 axis CNC easily, but failed to use a mini 5 axis CNC.

ChinaCNCzone mini CNC machine and hobby cnc router users feed-backed some widely-used G-code design software as below:Art-cam ,Power-mill , Solid-work Cam, but prices for those are a little expensive. And now there is new software called fusion 360 much cheaper. (Artcam,Solid-work and fusion 360 combine the CAD and CAM function together .)

Users who buy any product such as CNC 3040CNC 6040CNC 6090 or mini 5 axis CNC HY 3040 from ChinaCNCzone can get detailed manuals and videos, which will teach you how to set the control software. As for G-code design, users need to learn by themselves, now there are also many training centers for this course,too.