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5 Steps for Operating Mach3 Software on ChinaCNCzone CNC 6040 and CNC 6090?

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As a leading Mini CNC router manufacturer, we not only supply high quality hobby CNC routers and desktop CNC routers for our wide range of users, but also we never stop to make improvement on our products to better meet our customers’ demand. 

And now our hot models CNC 6090 and CNC 6040 not only support USB interface, but also new support to Mach3 USB controller. 

Some users asked for how to run the Mach 3 Software in our mini CNC 6040 and CNC 6040? 

Today, let us talk about it, if you already install the mach3 software in your notebook or computer well, and there are just 5 steps as below: 

Step 1. Open the Mach3 software. 
Then: Click Download G-CODE and Select the right code as below picture. (Remember you put your code in which file)

Step 2. Input the G-code for engraving        Mach3 software Guide
Step 3. Move the X-Y-Z-4 axis to the starting point 
Mach3 software guide 2
Step 4. Change the X-Y-Z-4 axis parameters into zero 
Step 5. Click Cycle Start.

Mach3 software guide