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Buy CNC 3040 Mini CNC Router Machine From ChinaCNCzone

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Now the market has different types of CNC 3040 mini CNC router machine, but why buy CNC 3040 from ChinaCNCzone?

As a leading professional China CNC router manufacturer, ChinaCNCzone not only always has strong technical support for our clients, but also always  being very creative to provide cost - effective mini CNC machine with wider selection for our users. Below are the comparisons between ChinaCNCzone and similar supplier for the Model CNC 3040:

CNC 3040.jpg

ChinaCNCzone CNC 3040Other seller's similar CNC machine
Spindle Power500W230W
MaterialsPCB,wood,PVC,Acrylic,Aluminum(shallow engraving)wood,,PVC,Acrylic
InterfaceUSB,Parallel portParallel port
SoftwareUSB CNC(USB Port) ,Parallel port [Mach3]Mach3
Command codeGERBER/DXF/G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt [USB cnc sofrware]G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt
G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt [Mach 3 software]
Computer systermwindows 10/8/7/xp  [usb cnc]windows xp
windows xp [mach3]
Type of screwBall screw [good  presision]trapezoid screw[bad presision]
The 4th axis upgradebuild in 4th axis driver card,plug in and useneed open controoler box, and install driver card
Limithed switchYesNo
auto tool-settingYesNo

ChinaCNCzone, to be your best mini CNC router, desktop CNC router, hobby CNC router supplier.

Buy CNC 3040 Mini CNC Router Machine From ChinaCNCzone