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New ChinaCNCzone Product Mach3 USB DSP CNC 5030 3 Axis with 1500W/2200W Cool Spindle, Linear Guide and Closed-loop Step Motor

New ChinaCNCzone Product Mach3 USB DSP CNC 5030 3 Axis with 1500W/2200W Cool Spindle, Linear Guide and Closed-loop Step Motor

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High precision Mach3 USB DSP CNC 5030 3 Axis with 1500W/2200W Cool Spindle, Linear Guide and Closed-loop Step Motor

Newest mini CNC router released by ChinaCNCzone team

ideal for Wood Aluminum Acrylic Brass PVC Engraving Milling
CNC 5030 3 axis

What are the advantages for Linear Guide?

A: Better quality,cost 10 times than old one.
B: Higher precision,the gaps is much smaller ,so will be more stable.
C: compared 2 guids.( linear guide and Cylinderical guid )

What are the advantages for Closed-loop Step Motor

It was very similar with servo motor ,The differenc between close-loop step motor and servo motor is PLC controller and it is automatically Motion Compensation
1. Closed-loop step motor and advantages:
A: will not loose step
B: load speed faster than before,about 6000mm/min,old model is 4000mm/min
C: It has an encoder,which has feekback of pulse signal

Outstanding features as below 

1. closed-loop step motor 
2. linear guide and high precision
3. 1500w / 2200w Water Cooled Spindle for selection 
4. Ball screw high precision. 
5. Independent power supply for mainboard, prolong using life. 
6. Software: MACH3 Support windows XP,USBCNC support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
7. With Limited switch 
8. Auto-Checking function, easy to set origin of Z axis. 
9. Can be connected with computer USB port or Parallel port(Optional)
10.Can engrave material such acrylic, brass, wood, aluminum, PCB and so on. 

11. Spindle diameter: 80mm 

12. Technical support always available with live video support.
13. From professional China CNC router factory
14. Latest beautiful design

15. Can be updated from 3 axis to 4 axis CNC router directly. Easy plug and use.

16. Three different controller box for your selection: Parallel port control box ,MACH3 USB control box, DSP control box

What are the advantages of the USB controller box? 

1.with the USB CNC cable, you can use the usb CNC software

2.with the parallel port, you can use the mach3 software

3.High performance, lower cost.

USB controller box.jpgUSB CNC To 25 Pins transfer cable

What are the advantages of the DSP controller box? 
1. with the DSP controller box with independent DSP system,the mini CNC router can work without a computer. 
2. After copy the G-code to your SD card, you can insert TF memory card to the TF card slot on the DSP controller box, and then run the G-code directly, 
3. G-code files can be directly edited, delete, insert through the DSP controller system. 
4.Very easy to operate and suitable for factory application. 
5. Select the mini CNC router with DSP controller system, NO need to to use the mach3 software any more.

DSP controller box.jpg

What are the advantages of the Mach3 USB controller box? 

1.For the users who familiar with mach3 software, select this controller, you can use the mach3 software easily through the USB interface directly.

2.High performance, time saving and cost a little higher.

Mach3 USB Controller box.jpg

More pictures for this CNC 5030 3 Axis Mini CNC

CNC 5030 3 Axis

CNC 5030

cnc 5030

CNC Controller Box

CNC Closed-loop Step Motor

CNC 5030 mini CNC router Technical Parameters:
Working area220(X)mm*490(Y)mm*40(Z)mm
Shape dimension600*800*670mm
Work table dimension740mm*360mm
Frame materialsAluminum alloy 6063 and 6061 the unique and dedicated mold extrusion profiles. let counterfeiters dwarfs
acceptable material thickness≤120mm
Driving unitsX/Y/Z axis1605 ball screw
Sliding unitsX axisDia.16mm chrome plate shafts
Y axisDia.20mm chrome plate shafts
Z axisDia.13mm chrome plate shafts
Liner guideTaiwan CSK liner guide
Closed loop stepping motor57 two-phase 57J1880E-1000
Spindle motor1500W/2200W water cooling spindle, 24000RPM
Spindle diameter80mm
Principal axis colletER-11A 3-7mm , ER-20A 3-13mm
Repeat accuracy0.01mm
Spindle precisionradial beat acuities 0.01 mm
Software environmentMACH3 Support windows XP, 
USBCNC support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Control boxes1. Parallel port control box
2. MACH3 USB control box
3. DSP control box
Maximum speed0-8000mm/min
Control unitToroidal transformer + PWM power supply module + TB6560 3axis drive board
Computer connectionUSB port or Parallel port(Optional)
Command code G code, or any MACH3 support format files
ProtectionEmergency stop button
Operating VoltageAC110V/AC220V  
AccessoriesPump, Auto checking tool , cutter, same as accessories photo
Warranty Two Year
Package and size Plywood box, 84*68*62CM
Gross weight 75KG 

New Product Mach3 USB DSP CNC 5030 3 Axis with 1500W/2200W Cool Spindle, Linear Guide and Closed-loop Step Motor
A. Widely used not only for Aluminum but also acrylic, brass, wood, PVC, PCB and so on. 
B. Ideal for milling, engraving, drilling & routing. 
C. For Industry,Technology Research,Advertising Design,Arts Creation,Teaching,Student Project and Hobby Purposes, Building Model Making, Advertising Signs,Artwork,Crafts,Aircraft Models,RC Model parts 

Mini CNC Router use

Mini CNC Router Application
CNC Router 6040 Can Do

3040 CNC Router for Aluminum

Package and size :Plywood box, 84*68*62CM

Gross weight :75KG

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