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Basic Knowledge for CNC Router

Why Select HY 6040, HY 3040 Mini 5 Axis CNC Machine from ChinaCNCzone?

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As we know, a standard 5 axis CNC is powerful and fulfill many tasks and the range of sizes a 5 axis CNC router is capable of routing is very broad. Like standard routers, the bit can be changed as needed, so with an appropriately sized bit, a very small object can be cut. Similarly, a standard 5 axis CNC routers are large machines, and while their size varies, most are capable of carving work pieces that are several feet high and much longer than the width of the machine.
Mini 5 axis CNC Machine

Due to their large size, a standard 5 axis CNC router costs tens of thousands of US dollars. Some people have been trying to make the software that these machines require available for free via open source licensing. This would allow engineers and other skilled individuals to construct their own 5 axis CNC router system.

Even with open source technology a 5 axis CNC router is unlikely to be found in even an advanced home woodshop. They are too large and too expensive for that purpose. The primary setting for their use is in mid- to large-scale manufacturing using wood products.

But for some CNC hobbyist, they just want a 5 axis CNC to do some much simple hobby job such as small design, hobby craft, or open a small shop, it is not good for them to buy a big 5 axis CNC machine value tens of thousands of US dollars, so ChinaCNCzone designed its mini 5 axis CNC machine special for above working environment mentioned.

Now our hot sale mini CNC routers are HY-3040 and HY-6040, we also called them desktop CNC router and hobby CNC router. Even they are mini CNC type, they can not only do simple task but also can do many complicated that a industrial one can fulfill.

And they get through strict test for Resonance, Rigidity and Stability, and the result proves that they work very steadily. (When they do round Aluminum carving, we put a coin on the spindle, in the whole test process, the coin not moved
and dropped off, please kindly refer to below our test video: