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ChinaCNCzone Mini CNC Router Machine on D.PES Expo Show in September, 2016

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D.PES is with the inspiration of the industry union, they begin to develop and cultivate ideas to promote the brand new image of Chinese Printing machine, Mini CNC router machine and Signage Industry to the international market. 

As leading china Mini CNC router manufacturer and CO2 Laser engraving machine supplier, in order to meet our customers’ need and service our customers better, ChinaCNCzone always positively to took part in exhibitions.In this September, 2016, ChinaCNCzone Successfully held its D.PES exhibition. 

ChinaCNCzone manufactures many hot sale mini CNC machine such as HY-3040HY-6040CNC 6090CNC 6040 and CNC 3040 series, they can be widely used in different areas for different materials such as acrylic, brass, wood, PVC, aluminum and so on, and they are also ideal for hobbyist and educational project. On the D.PES exhibition, ChinaCNCzone team displays some of the hottest   models for our customers, and they got really high feedback, below are the pictures from the live show: