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NEW DSP 6090 CNC Router Machine 3 Axis with 2200W Water-Cooled Spindle

New DSP Controller 6090 CNC Router, 6090 CNC, 6090 Router, 6090 Desktop CNC Router Manufacturer. New product from ChinaCNCzone.

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NEW DSP 6090 CNC Router Machine 3 Axis with 2200W Water-Cooled Spindle

Developed and designed together by our technicians and overseas engineers of King Saud University from Saudi Arabia.

The acceptable material thickness can high to 150mm, much bigger than general mini CNC machine with max 100mm.

Highlights for new model 6090 CNC router 3 Axis

1. New  model 

2. Much more powerful,  2200W water-cooled spindle for selection 

3. Widely used for Milling , Drilling, Carving , Routing & Engraving.

4. Much Larger working area(Compared with CNC 6040 & CNC 3040 series) : X600mm*Y900mm*Z150mm

5. 3 Axis cnc router

7. It is a mini cnc router machine

8. Ball Srew high precision

9. Newest DSP controller box, easy operate!

10. Work independently .

11. SD card slot interface.

12. 2.2KG water-cooled spindle, powerfu!

13. No need to connected with computer or notebook.

What are the advantages for the New DSP Control System ?

    Independent DSP system, work without a computer.
    Insert TF memory card, automatic reading and processing files.
    By operate the control box, you can program and carving directly.
    G-code files can be directly edited, delete, insert, and so on

What are the main features for this 6090 CNC router machine?

    USB interface
    Balls crew made it a higher precision
    Limited switches added
    2200W water cooling spindle
    4th axis can be Plug-and play, no need to replace controller box.
    Auto-Checking function, easy to set origin of Z axis
    Built-in frequency converter in control box
    Compared to smaller machines, it has a broad base and a thicker screw

    New, work faster compared with the common ones in the market

Why buy from ChinaCNCzone?

    Got CE approved.
    From reliable & trustable profesional China CNC router manufacturer.
    Youtube cnc machine video support.
    Technical team always available.
    English manual available.

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Technical details for this 6090 CNC router 3 Axis

Shape   dimensionX860mm*Y630mm*Z480mm
Max.workpiece dimensionX600mm*Y900mm*Z150mm 
Work table dimensionX600mm*Y900mm
Frame materialsaluminum   alloy 6063 and 6061 the unique and dedicated mold extrusion profiles. let    counterfeiters dwarfs
Acceptable material thickness≤150mm
Driving units1605   ballscrew

1605   ballscrew

1605   ballscrew
Sliding unitsDia.16mm   chrome plate shafts
Dia.20mm chrome plate shafts
Dia.13mm chrome plate shafts
Stepping motor type 57   two-phase 3A 150NNaN
Spindle motorbrand   new 800W/ 1.5KW/ 2.2kw water cooling spindle, 24000RPM
Principal axis colletER11/3.175   mm/6mm
Repeat accuracy<=0.05mm
Spindle precisionradial   beat acuities 0.03 mm
Carving InstructionsG   code/TAB files/nc file/NCC files
Communication interfacethrough   parallel connection with computer
Software environmentWindows   xp
Maximum speed0-4000mm/min
Carving speed0-2500mm/min   (different materials differ)
Control unitToroidal   transformer + PWM power supply module + TB6560 3axis drive board
Computer connectionon   board palrallel port
Command codeG   code
Acceptable softwareMach3
ProtectionEmergency   stop button
Operating VoltageAC110V/AC220V

This 6090 CNC router 3 Axis is with larger working area and can be widely used to route diffirent materials and diffirent areas

Materials: Metal, aluminum, wood, plastic, acrylic, jade, brass, PCB, ect.

Working area:  woodworking, advertising, mold industry,  stone engraving, artefact, ect.

How to use our CNC 6090 router machine, please kindly refer to below Youtube link:

Standard wooden box

Packing Dimensions : 121x86x72cm

Net weight: 136KG

Packing weight: 150KG (Shipping weight)

Our 6090 CNC Router mini with below accessories.