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New 5 Axis CNC Router Machine HY-3040 from ChinaCNCzone Price Less than 3000USD

Buy new 5 Axis CNC Router Machine HY-3040 from ChinaCNCzone Price Less than 3000USD. Free post processing provided.

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In the past two years, the mini 5 axis CNC machine HY-3040 are well received. And also, users meet some problems such as no post processing, intergrated drive boards breakdown,  with no USB connection, too small load for 5th axis and some other problems. In order to better meet the demand of our valuable users, ChinaCNCzone re-design the mini 5 axis CNC machine, now,all above resolved.

What are new for this 5 axis CNC router machine HY 3040?

First, Each axis is with independent driver,totally 5 independent drivers for 5 axis, bring high accuracy, speedy heat dissipation, longer using life, stable and efficient signal transmission.

Second, Support USB connection, easy to operate.

Third, UG and PowerMill post processing can be free provided(Only compatible with ChinaCNCzone made mini 5 Axis CNC  machine,  if you do it by yourself, it will take about 2-4 days.)

Fourth, Larger step motor for A and B axis,which can hold the A,B axis steady without vibration when machining aluminum and other harder materials.

Fifth, provide test G-code  Free and charge 200USD for special customized G-code design for mini 5 axis CNC router machine.

Sixth, use stainless steel for water tank, with longer service time.

More Pictures for this new 5 axis CNC router machine

5 axis CNC Router.jpg

5 axis CNC machine.jpg

5 axis CNC router.jpg

What are the main features for this New 5 axis CNC router machine?

  1. Most competitive mini 5 axis CNC router machine in the market price less 3000USD.

  2. From factory with reliable and professional technical support.

  3. It can work with 3 axis / 4 axis / 5 axis, just as you like !

  4. With external digital LCD monitor and can be controlled by handwheel.(need to buy the handwheel)

  5. The working process can be tracked, recorded in the digital LCD monitor automatically.

  6. Mach 3 software

  7. Built in frequencey converter.

  8. Cross slippery platform, high precison.

  9. Aluminum base sheet which can reduce vibration when working.

  10. With auto-checking function.

  11. 1500w/2200W water-cooled spindle for your selection.

  12. Ball screw.

  13. CE approved.

  14. Video support.

  15. English manual available.

  16. Can engrave material which hardness below 45.

  17. USB connection

  18. Post processing available for this new 5 axis CNC router machine hy 3040


What are the prameters for this 5 axis CNC router machine?

 5 axis CNC router .jpg

The 5th axis CNC.jpg

 New 5 Axis CNC Router Machine HY-3040 parameters
product dimension715(H)*700(L)*610(W) mm
effective work area300*400*150mm
precision ballscrew1605
XYZ rail materialhard chrome shaft
XY rail diameter20mm
Z rail diameter16mm
XYZ axis torque57*78  250 OZ/IN (2.2N/CM)
4th and 5th 57*56 
4th and 5th transmission ratio1:6
repeat positioning accuracy0.01mm
working precision 0.02mm
processing speed0-4000 mm/min
A-axis B-axis rotation speed0-180 rpm/min
XY table maximum load50kg
XY+A+B axis table maximum load15kg
tailgate materialstainless steel 
switching power supplyintegrated 24V 350W
spindle power1500W/ 2200W water-cooled frequency spindle
input power220V/ 110V power supply
output currentdrive 4.5A (peak 5A)
collet size3/3.175/6mm if need others change into  ER11 first
high efficiency water pump 55W, 46.6L /Min
drive motor57*78 stepper motors (two-phase 4 wire) 
engraving materialMetal,Brass, Acrylic, Wood, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
(hardness less then 45 degree)
support computer systemwindowXP/ window 7
how to connect with computerUSB connection
softwareMACH3 3.04
net weight50kg
packingwooden box 
outside packing80*74*90 (cm)

Where this 5 axis CNC router machine HY 3040 can be used?

mainly used for PVC, acrylic, plexiglass, two-color board, engineering plastics, bakelite, solid wood and soft metal materials on the milling and milling, graphite electrode processing, also applies to engraving PCB circuit board, wood Model molds, handicrafts, can be used to drill holes in plastic boxes, aluminum alloy chassis, and panels that do not exceed the limited specifications, and can also perform three-dimensional engraving and drilling and milling of aluminum alloys, copper and other metal materials at low feed rates; It can be used as a simple 3D CNC workbench, such as CNC dispensing, CNC positioning, metal (nameplate) marking and other applications.

5 axis CNC sample.jpg

5 axis cnc machine sample.jpg

5 axis CNC machine sample.jpg

The packing for this 5 axis CNC router machine hy 3040

Wooden box

HY 3040 packing list.png