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4 Tips on Using ChinaCNCzone Hobby mini 5 axis CNC Router HY-3040 and HY-6040

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HY 6040 and HY-3040 hobby mini 5 axis CNC machine made by ChinaCNCzone really has its outstanding advantages, they can engraving wide range of materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, acrylic, wood, plastic and so on. And even for some complicated type of engraving, they can undertake,that is why more and more users like to select them. 

What we should note when we using these two models of mini desktop 5 axis CNC machine? Today let us share with you. 

First, for the time being, they can not support USB interface, and when use, a computer with 25 pin parallel port is a must. 

Second, they now support Window XP system. 

Third, even they can be used as 3 axis CNC router and 4 axis CNC router easily, but when we use, the loading for 4th axis can not exceed 30KG, and for the fifth axis not more then 15KG, and the X axis should be within 50kg. 
desktop 5 axis CNC

Fourth, when use the mini desktop 5 axis CNC machine to carving or engraving hard materials such as aluminum, we should select the right CNC router bits, below are the samples made by our Australia customers, they use the machine to machine 6061 T6 aluminum using a 12mm cutting diameter, cutting 6.0mm depth at 400mm per minute,and use carbide 3 flute for aluminum, and their CNC router bits made by Guhring, which main factory located in Germany, if customers interested, can also buy from them, below are the link for Australia 
Trust6 Alternator Bracket
trust6 round decal
R32 R33 R34 Nissan Skyline Billet  Nismo Upper Radiator Brackets
- GTR - Billet - Black Anodized Wheel Centre Caps
For simple engraving, we have professional service person to certain guide and help, if the sample you engrave is complicated or you want to do research for advanced engraving skills, we can only tell you what we know, because the skills is a kinds of technology and need longer time to do learning and practice. ChinaCNCzone, to be your best mini cnc router machine supplier.