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Buy Best Affordable Hobby CNC Router CNC 3040 from ChinaCNCzone

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As a leading mini CNC router manufacturer in China, ChinaCNCzone always do their best to design the products according to customers actual need, and all mini CNC such as CNC 6040, CNC 6090 and HY-3040 made by ChinaCNCzone are very special from other familiar mini CNC in the market. And ChinaCNCzone never stops to upgrade and develop new products.

And for example, the ChinaCNCZone CNC 3040, this is a ideal mini hobby CNC router, but compared with the models in the market, it is really different as below:
CNC 3040

First, it is using USB controller and support steady USB CNC software.And it is very easy for you to connect it with notebook and desktop.And the ones in the market only support the old 25pin parallel port.
usb cable for CNC 3040

Second, its Spindle is 500W, compared with the ones with 230W in the market, it is much more powerful and can take more task and to engrave wider range of different material.

Third, ChinaCNCzone CNC 3040 use ball screw, with higher precision then the ones with trapezoidal screw in the market.
CNC 3040 ball screw
Fourth, ChinaCNCzone CNC 3040 also with limited switch and auto-checking block.

And also, if you need it to do PCB Drilling, our CNC 3040 can transfer the Gerber file into G-code directly, very very easy to operate.
PCB drilling
Above are the outstanding features of  ChinaCNCzone CNC 3040, it has the special advantages compared with similar ones in the market. And the price is a little higher, and for a hobby CNC router, the affordable price is very important, and the configuration is equally important.