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ChinaCNCzone New Released: Mini CNC Machine with Water Chiller

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Before, our mini CNC machine are using the water to cooling the spindle as below picture, sometimes the water leaks to floor and desk, this not good for use. 

Mini CNC router usual
According to our users suggestion, now our new configuration: mini CNC router and a water chiller resolved this inconvenience. 
water chiller for mini cnc
What is the advantages of a mini CNC machine with a chiller, let us share with you as below: 
1.The efficiency of cooling improved, because when the water goes through the aluminum pipe, the heat sink with the working cooling fan. 
2.It is a mature water cooling closed-loop system, when use the mini CNC machine, no need to worry about touching the cooling pumps by accident leading to water leaks to wet the floor and desk. 
3.The chiller can show the actual temperature of the water, we can change water according to actual need. 
4.The chiller also can prolong the working time of the machine without frequent water changing. 
mini CNC router with chiller
As a leading mini CNC router manufacturer, ChinaCNCzone always keeps on going to find the best solution for our customers and users, now all of our mini CNC routers such as CNC 6040CNC 6090 , CNC 3040 and HY 6040 can be equipped with water chiller, if any question, please kindly contact with our online service, if you has any suggestion, inform us, we will improve.