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What are the Differences between ChinaCNCzone Mini 5 axis CNC Router and Other Similar Models?

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About the mini 5 axis CNC supply in the market, there are not many suppliers and also the price is much higher. In order to let many hobby lever users can afford the 5 axis CNC machine, ChinaCNCzone developed its hobby mini 5 axis CNC router such as HY 3040 and HY 6040.

5 axis cnc machine

Some customers aked about the differences between ChinaCNCzone hobby mini 5 axis CNC and other similar in the market, actually, each machine has its own advantages and selling points. Some 5 axis CNC machine such as pocket cnc is with  post processor and simpler code editor Fusion 360, and it supports usb and line rail
this is really good for users. And at the same time, the working area is a little smaller, and the spindle is lower which is not that easy for hard material engraving.Different demands need to buy different mini 5 axis CNC machine, and the most suitable is the best choice for users.

For ChinaCNCzone HY 3040 and HY 6040, the accuracy and code format are the same,but they do not have the post processor and code editor, and also, they only support serial port as far as now, and only equipped with aluminum support guide, but these do not affect the high efficient of using. And what's more their spindle high to 1500W and 2200W for hard material such as aluminium and steel, and the working area are larger high to 300X400X150mm (HY 3040) and 600x400X150mm(HY 6040)

CNC 5 Axis

5th Axis For CNC

5 Axis CNC machining sample

Now, for importers buying from China, HY 3040 and HY 6040 are really the best mini desktop hobby 5 axis CNC router machine for your choice. Large working area, powerful water cool spindle, you can also kindly refer below Youtube link:

mini 5 axis cnc

5 Axis CNC machining sample

ChinaCNCzone, to be your best mini CNC supplier, we also have 3 axis and 4 axis CNC router such as CNC 6040 and CNC 6090 for your selection.